CWE – Choopy World Engine

CWE - The Engine behind our MMO, Cyberpunk World.

CWE is a toolset made up of separate tools that allow the rapid creation of MMO games.

It is a combination of editors for building and managing the most common aspects of MMO games.

Easy editing

There are numerous advantages to our engine:

  • Easy to use – No coding is necessary. That’s right.
  • Shader based (DX9) graphics – sky, reflective water, real-time shadows. HDR (high dynamic range) imaging.
  • Built-in combat system behaves like most popular combat systems. Yup, acts the way you and your player base would expect, right out of the box.
  • Advanced path finding system – your mobs are smarter than the average mobs.
  • Edit all properties of your game (quests, enemies, weapons, items, shops, etc) and publish in one toolset.
  • Graphical interface for all editors.
  • Scalability – Load balanced. Your server can start as one machine and grow to hundreds as your capacity needs increase.
  • Multiple shards
  • Avoid long build times – Publish and run. No need to rebuild the game client.
  • Indie and commercial licenses.
Go get 'em!

Go get 'em!

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