Choopy Games

This is the Cyberpunk World.
Enjoy your stay.

It is 70 years in the future. Mega corporations have taken over. The government is now a puppet to these giant organizations, who are the real governing body, and rule with an iron fist.

Technology, especially combat tech, has advanced to an incredible degree, and with the discovery of psionics, has forever changed the face of the modern battlefield.

The mega corporations are warring with each other, and have security forces that are, in effect, private armies. Espionage between the factions is common, and nameless mercenaries, known as runners, are hired for these tasks. Bionic augmented super soldiers battle alongside techno wizards, hurling energy bolts in a rain of destruction.

All the while, sleezy fixers make a profit selling weapons, information, and high tech gadgetry to runners, spies, and rival gangs in the underground market.

There are many opposed to corporation rule. An uprising is coming. And you are about to get in the middle of it.

Welcome to the Sprawl.